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Today’s hectic pace of living truly drains us all. Moving around in the sun, travelling on work can all dehydrate tremendously. At such times, most people reach out for a fruit juice or energy drink which they feel, will serve the purpose. What they do not realize is that, they are losing vital body salts and fluids which no fruit drink can replace.

The need of the hour is a drink that rehydrates recharges and helps us move on effortlessly. Fruitnik Electro+ does this effectively as it helps regain salts and fluids lost due to exertion or dehydration.

Fruitnik Electro+ boosts energy, replenishes electrolytes and provides Vitamin C in a natural apple fruit juice base. This makes it ideal for fluid loss due to diarrhoea*, heat stress, exertion, dehydration and sports work out.

Uses of Fruitnik Electro+ Apple Drink:
Oral rehydration solution drinks are used to prevent or correct dehydration in young children and adults. Fruitnik Electro+ is superior in many ways as it contains the right balance of sugar, glucose, sodium and potassium and helps replace lost fluids in the body.

More advantages of Fruitnik Electro+ Apple drink:
*Great taste
*Ready to drink pet bottle
*Practical for travelling and storage
*Non carbonated


Apple Juice concentrate:
Apple juice is a rich source of antioxidants, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals to fight cell ageing.

Glucose (Dextrose) enables better absorption of salts and water, helping you rehydrate and maintain an optimum fluid balance and energise.

Sodium chloride is a salt supplement. It replaces salt and water losses. It can also pull extra fluid out of a swollen area.

Potassium is an essential mineral for the body. In nature it occurs only in ionic salts. It is needed for several functions in the body and ensures good organ function.

Rehydrate, recharge, move on, is the new mantra and it effectively sums up the Fruitnik Electro+ advantage.

So why wait. Grab your Fruitnik Electro+ today!

*Not recommended for Diarrhoea treatment, only facilitates recovery