• Pure Healthy Essence: Being pioneers of pain and congestion management since 1893, at Amrutanjan we believe that caring for people's wellbeing is a dutiful task that truly touches millions of lives, and a sustainable business too. For our global consumers we effectively blend nature's pure, trusted extracts with scientific research to derive deep action products that have no side effects.
  • - S Sambhu Prasad, Chairman & Managing Director, Amrutanjan Health Care Ltd

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Nature’s Essence symbol:

A blend of health, science, nature and youthfulness to increase the brand’s appeal across all demographics

Seal of Trust

Pioneer in the industry with the seal of trust and believability in the brand’s products for having catered to consumers pain free living for over a century now.


Cursive typography to bring in modernity for easier brand recall and youth connect.


“Pure Healthy Essence” is nature and science combined to give healthy beauty. It emphasizes that naturally extracted essence with deep action for health works effectively and without side effects. This pure, trusted extracts are derived from natural products through scientific research.